Each manuscript (except reports, reviews, news, etc.), which is offered for publication in the Czech Criminology must undergo a peer-review process. The review process, i.e. text revision by at least two experts, is double-blind.

Editor-in-chief has the right not to assign the submitted manuscript to the review process, if he or she considers that it does not comply with the standards of scientific text or if the topic does not match the scope of the journal. The decision is consulted with the editorial board of the journal. If the manuscript does not meet the formal requirements, the author may be asked to edit the text before the beginning of the review process.

Reviewers then elaborate the reviews, in which they recommend the text for publication, to modify, adapt, or reject. They will indicate the reasons of their decision in the review, including eventual recommendations for the text editing. Based on the reviews, editor-in-chief either accepts the manuscript, asks the author for the text editing or reject it. In the second case, editor-in-chief also decides whether the text editing, which the author carried out in accordance with the reviews, is sufficient, or forward it for reconsideration.

The final decision on the acceptance of the article for publication is made by the editor-in-chief in cooperation with the editorial board.